About Us

The Average Person's Guide to Success as an Online Entrepreneur

Hi my name is Christopher and I’m the founder of JobSlayer.net. Here is a little info about me and why I created this site. I have worked as a durable medical equipment technician for over seventeen years.

Just in case you are not familiar with the industry, I provided medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, and oxygen to people’s homes. So, when someone would get discharged from the hospital, for example, they may need some type of medical equipment to use at home.

Helping people has always been a passion of mine and I enjoyed providing medical equipment services that made life better for those with medical issues.

However, as the years went by, my wife developed some health issues and our financial situation was not in the best of conditions.

So, I began looking for ways to improved our finances. My current job paid the bills, but did not allow us to live the lifestyle that we really wanted.

Just like most people these days, my search began online for a way to make money from home.  I knew that I did not want to work another job because I was getting older. 

Also, as a result of working in the medical equipment industry, I have seen many older people having to work a job to make ends meet and I did not want that for my wife and I.

There were so many options to choose from that I almost got discouraged. Trying to decide whether I should do ecommerce, start an agency and work with local businesses, or create my own products had me overwhelmed.

However, I was able to narrow my choices of online  opportunities by requiring five things.

Those 5 things were:

  1. I wanted to work from home
  2. I didn’t want limits to how much income I could make
  3. I wanted passive income
  4. I wanted time freedom
  5. I wanted something that could get up and running fast

After doing a ton of research, trying and failing at some things, I decided on affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing, simply put, allows you to get paid a commission by promoting the products or services of other businesses.

With affiliate marketing, I have been able to build the type of lifestyle that I wanted for myself and my family. 

However, there is no one business model that’s perfect for everyone. That’s why I created this site to help you find opportunities to generate income online from the comfort of your home.

If you ever have any questions or want more information on a topic, feel free to leave a comment or reach out.

In closing, I would like to wish you all the best in your new career and I know for a fact that choosing the right career can change your life for the better.

Good luck on your journey!