Get Up And Make It Happen

Most things that never get done never get done because they never get started. You wait and wait and wait and wait and you wait so long that the thing doesn’t even matter anymore. And the days turn to weeks and the weeks turn to months and the months turn to years.

Years of mediocrity is what causes people to be bitter. If you want to get around bitter and complaining people get around people who are not seeing much activity. They’re bitter they’re complaining they’re cynical and they’re jealous because nothing is happening because nothing is going on in their life.

And if you want to stop that from happening to you wake up in the bed and know what you’re going after. Get up out of the bed with an agenda. When you have an agenda you don’t spend time worrying about how you feel ’cause it doesn’t make a difference how you feel you woke up with something to do.

Because if you don’t start changing your attitude you will miss your altitude. The problem is not the conditions. It’s a discipline. There is no shortcut to excellence. And your problem is you’re not intentional and deliberate.

You wake up on Monday and you might be strong but by Wednesday… You’re not intentional and deliberate you are hoping that the best is gonna happen to you and the best never happens to you. Know what you’re going after be clear about your direction don’t wake up in the morning and see if something’s gonna happen.

Wake up in the morning and make something happen. Get up out of the bed with an agenda. You gotta decide that you’re gonna do something and you gotta do it every Monday every Tuesday every Wednesday every Thursday the problem with some of you in this room you’re a good person and just hope that good stuff is gonna happen to you.

If dreams were easy everybody would make them happen the problem is that most people, they can’t get up in the morning they ain’t got no energy. Some stuff is just you gotta be powerful. You wake up, take you three weeks to do what it can take 24 hours to do it don’t make you a bad person but you’re gonna forever be average because to be great you got to keep up.

Take full ownership of your time of your mind of your day. It is the struggle it is the wrestling it is the pulling it is the trial it is the temptation it is the stumbling and falling and getting back up again it is the aggravation and the intimidation that gives you foundation it is worth it to look bad for a little while and come up looking good for a lifetime than to look good for a minute and come down in a flash.

I’ve got to get some discipline. I’ve got to go through some struggle. I’ve got to go through some heartache. But I’m working on something. And what I’m working on it can’t be instant. What I’m working on has got to be able to stand some stuff.

I learn in the doing. I learn in the struggling. My strength tolerance increases. My ability to handle pain increases. My wisdom increases. My ability to deal with haters increases. I’m tougher now. I’m stronger now.

I got more fight got more fire it’s not just the mechanical influence of robotically doing it is just that as you go to do it you learn things about yourself that you didn’t know. You learn how to go through aggravation and heartache.

You learn how to deal with obstacles and situations. It is a process that gives you the power and I’m telling you you have not given yourself enough credit to say I just need to get up a half hour earlier and my whole life will change.

I just need to get up one hour earlier. I just need to work one hour longer. I need to stop hitting that snooze button. And if you were to make that one change that one sacrifice you would stop dreaming and start living it.

What do you want in your marriage? What do you want to your health? When do you want financially? How much money do you want to make a year? What do you want to drive? How do you want to live? Stop just waking up like an accident.

What do you want? And then once you find out what you want spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it.

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