Start A Business

Getting started a business owner is an exciting and rewarding experience. There are so many options to choose from considering what type of business to start. Whether you are choosing to have a brick and mortar location such as a retail store or running a business from home, there are a few steps every business should take.  Here are a few basic steps you should to take in order to start a business.

7 Steps To Starting A Business


Step 1 - Decide what type of busines you want to start.

Service Business, Merchandise Business, Manufacturing Business, Online Business, etc.


Step 2 - Write a business plan

Who are your competitors? Who are your customers? How are you going to market and make sales? etc.


Step 3 - Choose a business structure

Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, Limited liability Company


Step 4 - Get a federal tax ID

 It's fast easy and free.


Step 5 - Open A Business Bank Account

Personal funds and business funds should remain separate. Having a business bank account also provides access to business credit cards and loans.


Step 6 - Fund your business

 Expenses for equipment, inventory, and employees, will require funds to start.


Step 7 - Start marketing your products and services

Get the word out about your products and services.

Business Ideas

Need help deciding what type of business to start? Check out the list of unique business ideas below to help get you started.

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