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I Used Mike Filsaime's New Website & Funnel Builder, Here's My In-Depth Review

GrooveFunnels Review

GrooveFunnels is all set to change the online marketing scene dramatically. It is an all-in-one funnel builder that offers several options for digital marketing. It includes valuable tools like CRM, landing page builder, sales tool, and email marketing tool, to name a few. 

Instead of paying for these tools separately, GrooveFunnels has brought for you a single complete online marketing package. It's sure to save you hundreds of dollars in the grander scheme. It is specially designed to build effective landing pages and sales funnels to assist you in selling your product.

GrooveFunnels is launched by Mike Filsaime, the CEO, who is one of the most credible and successful online marketers to date. Over the years, he has generated $125 million in launching products and services. His experience has immensely helped the GrooveFunnels become the one-for-all solution that it is. 

Let's take a look at each of the key features that this incredible resource offers.

GrooveFunnels Features

Whether you're new to the online marketing business or a veteran entrepreneur, GrooveFunnels will prove to be the only tool you need to build and manage all your marketing strategies. Although it's not launched yet, the beta testers are already impressed and excited by its prospects. 

GrooveFunnels is the perfect choice if you are an:

  • Online content creator

  • Online marketer 

  • Online business selling or promoting products and services 

  • Plan on running a membership website 

  • Funnels and landing pages builder 

  • GrooveFunnels offers the following key features as its marketing tools:

    • GroovePages

    • GrooveSell

    • GrooveAffiliate

    • GrooveMail

    • GrooveBlog

    • GrooveMember

    • GrooveVideos

    • GrooveSurvey

    • GrooveWebinars

    • GrooveQuiz

    • GrooseDesk

    • GrooveCalendar

    and many more! Let's review the most prominent of these features in detail below.

    1. GroovePages 

    GroovePages is the core tool offered by GrooveFunnels. It creates attractive and professional landing pages, funnels, and websites. It builds funnels that promise high-conversion rates and assists you in selling your products by targeting the right audience. 


    The main functional benefits offered by GroovePages include:

    • Unlimited product sales ensured by unlimited funnels

    • Build easily navigable websites for your brand

    • 1-click upsells to boost your product sale

    • Multiple convenient check-out options

    • Provide the option of upsells, down sells, and order bumps

    • Offers powerful affiliate programs

    • Several templates and pre-built themes to choose from

    • Easy website building with the options of customized logos, text, and images

    • Fast loading web pages

    Another noticeable advantage of using GrooveFunnels is that even if you're already using sites like Shopify, you can still manage your pages on it with assistance from GroovePages. GroovePages helps you build your Shopify page and online store as it's on track to be the best funnel builder available.

    2. GrooveSell 

    GrooveSell is a powerful affiliate and sales tool offered by GrooveFunnels. It is a platform with shopping carts, that helps you set up your online store. It's a valuable feature that helps you sell your products, services, and online products like courses.

     It is the perfect tool for consultants, coaches, course providers, passion project experts, thought leaders, influencers, authors, speakers, and software developers. 


    GrooveSell also serves as an incredible affiliate marketing tool. It helps you recruit affiliates, overlook your own affiliate management, and also provides you with reports and analysis. Along with creating easy to navigate shopping carts for your online store, it also offers 1-click upsells, and various other tools to increase your conversion rate and sales.  

    3. GrooveAffiliate 

    GrooveAffiliate is another valuable feature of GrooveFunnels for online businesses and marketers. If you're looking to recruit affiliate marketers to promote your product or service online, GrooveAffiliate will allow you to manage all its aspects very flexibly.


    GrooveAffiliate offers access to the world's best centers for affiliate management. You can easily track all your affiliate programs and conversion rates from one place. It also gives you the option to pay the affiliates from your dashboard directly.

    4. GrooveMail 

    Email marketing is one of the leading tools when it comes to increasing conversions and sales. It also enhances your credibility to the audience. Email lists are one of the most treasured assets of any online marketer. With GrooveMail, you can automate and broadcast your marketing emails much more efficiently. It supports broadcasting via SMS, MMS, and voice messages.

    GrooveMail offers the following key features:

    • Importing leads has never been easier. You can quickly add all your lists into campaigns individually or by uploading .csv file

    • You can choose pre-built themes for emails or build a new one from scratch

    • Easy tracking of open rates, engagement rates, click-throughs, etc.

    5. GrooveMember 

    GrooveMember is here to change the game when it comes to membership sites. It's GrooveFunnels membership content management system, where you can create easy-to-use membership sites for your online content like online courses, virtual summits, etc.It assists you in both creating and hosting these online products.

    6. GrooveVideo 

    GrooveVideo allows you to:

    • Automate the video creating and sharing process 

    • Use videos as a source of lead generation

    • Easy social media sharing of your videos

    • Add CTAs, tags, and prompts to your videos

    • Access advanced features like analytics of your video engagement, A/B testing, etc

    7. GrooveBlog 

    GrooveBlog is one of the most groundbreaking tools introduced by GrooveFunnels, and it surely has the potential to lead the content creation market in the future. It allows you to create search optimized content to reach your target audience more efficiently.GrooveBlog helps your content rank higher in Google searches.

    GrooveFunnels Pricing

    At the time of this review, the only options availabe to access the software are the FREE option and the Lifetime Platinum. The free option includes access to a lite version of the page builder which allows you to build up to three websites with unlimited pages. Groove Sell and Groove Affiliate are also included in the free version.

    The Lifetime Platinum option is only available during beta. There are four payment plans to choose from in this option. They include three monthly payments of $497, six payments of $288, twelve payments of $188 or a one-time payment of $1,397.


    Once beta is complete and the software officially lauches, there will continue to be the free or base option, the Silver at $99 per month and Gold at $199 per month.

    GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

    Everyone that joins Groove whether with a free or paid account is automatically is automatically enrolled into the GrooveFunnels affiliate program. Affiliates receive a 20-40% commission when someone signs up with Groove and upgrades to a paid account. While in beta, the commission structure is 40% for those that purchase the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal. Once the software launches, the commission rate will be 20% of the monthly plan when a member makes a purchase. 


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    Pros of GrooveFunnels

    GrooveFunnel is ready to take the online market by a storm, and it's here to stay. It offers several tools and benefits for online marketers and sellers. I listed the pros of GrooveFunnels below that stand out the most:


    • Very easy to navigate, and helps you build excellent landing pages

    • Easy-to-create funnels

    • All in one marketing resource

    • Increases your outreach and conversions

    • You can sell your products very easily 

    • Saves you money on third-party tools

    • Offers free lifetime access plans during the beta. (Will change to monthly after launch)

    • Access to millions of royalty free images within the software

    • Free affiliate program that you are automatically signed up for when you access the software

    Cons of GrooveFunnels

    Although there are countless benefits of using GrooveFunnel, I found that it could be improved in the following areas to optimize its functions:


    • It is still in the beta phase with a few bugs

    • It needs an enhanced learning curve

    • It can feel a little intimidating for beginners

    • Some tools aren't live yet


    GrooveFunnel is an invaluable resource for all entrepreneurs and digital marketers. I can not emphasize enough on the usefulness and efficiency of the tools offered by this all-in-one marketing suite.


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